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Award-winning Producer, Videographer, photographer, editor, and columnist. Fueled by sports, driven by love, music, and art. Graduated from Full Sail University with a bachelor's degree in Sports Marketing & Media and a MFA in Film Production. From Bayamón, Puerto Rico, living in Orlando, Florida.

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You don't have a company.

Without a Brand.

Branding is what happens when the customer creates an emotional connection with your product/service. If you try to sell people how they should feel, they will always reject you at every turn. Branding exists in someone's head, so how do you change it, built it, grow it? "this is branding"

Build a company without any effort in branding is like a house without a blueprint. Branding is not a logo, color, slogan. It's the feeling the people get in their gut when they are a part of your community.

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"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." – Michael Jordan

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